Audit & Assurance Services In UAE

While you have observed any audit firms in Dubai, you might see them acting as a stimulant for achieving their client’s objectives. Some of them focus on the flexibility of resources whereas others may target the areas of innovation, processes, internal control, compliance, and much more. If truth be told,

Every business is unique, yet all business has similar wishes. Every business needs an auditor who understands their trade and does not just rely on ticking boxes and filling checklists. A precise, balanced and independent audit can benefit when dealing with banks, investors or partners. We deliver quality audit and guarantee services in Dubai, Ajman & Sharjah

An Audit is the principal professional activity of a business. The firm’s audit approach is based on understanding the client including the industry in which they operate, its organizational structure and the internal control process.

The type of audit and assurance services we provide broadly includes.

  • Statutory Audit/ Year-end Audit
  • Internal Audits
  • Management Audit
  • Forensic Audit
  • Taxation Audit
  • Audit of Bank and Financial Institutions

Statutory Audit/ Year-end Audit

Statutory Audit/ Year-end Audit is a legally required external audit conducted annually to meet a specific set of requirements by the government or by local authorities or by banks and financial institutions. It depends on both internal and external documents created by the management in order to guide the transactions of the business.

The services provided by our auditing company in Sharjah are customized to a client’s requirement in a highly efficient manner. The team of experts is conscious about the significance of statutory audit and always ensures that the audit will be completed on a timely basis. This provides accuracy in financial statements and a promise to the outside world.

We provide the Financial reporting to

  • Mainland companies
  • Free zone companies
  • Listed companies
  • Liquidation of companies
  • Bank and financial institutions/exchange houses

Internal Audit

The purpose of an internal audit function is important for the victory of any risk management framework within an organization. Because Audits play a pivotal role in making and keeping investor’s self-confidence that exposes great perceptions into the business. The core responsibility of internal auditors is to assess whether other risk systems and controls in place within the company are working successfully to manage and diminish risks or not. Such an independent evaluation of the firm’s control functions will go a long way in enriching the systems and procedures that are followed.

Management Audit

Management Audit is an organized inspection of decisions and actions of the management to study the working. Management audit done by audit firms in Ajman includes the evaluation of managerial features such as the organizational objectives, policies, procedures, structure, control, and system in order to check the efficiency or action of the management over the procedures of the company.

Management Audit is the valuation of techniques and policies of a company’s management in the administration and the usage of resources, calculated and strategic planning, and worker as well as organizational enhancement.

Forensic Audit

Forensic auditing is simply the specialization in the arena of accounting, and forensic auditors regularly provide expert testimony throughout trial proceedings. An audit paints a wide range of investigative actions achieved by accountants. If any problems arise, enterprises have to meet and work with forensic auditors to file any evidence or indication in a legal way. Our tactics allow us to powerfully enquire evidence, study the problems, and make reports that fit justice.

The process may likewise contain serving as an expert witness in a fraud trial. A forensic audit could similarly formulate situations that do not involve fraud or embezzlement, such as clashes related to bankruptcy, business closures, etc. We react confidentially to protect and helps you to resolve any disputes occurred among accounting services in Dubai.

Taxation Audit

Taxation audit on VAT may be required during the assessment process of the tax payable/paid to the taxation authorities. The audit covers the verification, mainly the tax collected and paid by the company during the period of assessment on income and expenses and the arrival of tax payable or paid.

A tax audit is the assessment of any kind accounts that is professional or commercial done by the taxpayer from an income tax perspective. It consistently records each financial activities happening, which is a vital part of the proper running of your business. So, it will be easy to determine and correct any tasks which need improvement.

Audit of Banks, Financial Institutions and Exchange Houses

The “Central Bank of the UAE’ is responsible for the banking activities plus acts as a regulating authority for financial institutions, banks as well as exchange houses in the United Arab Emirates. The audit will be directed as per the needs of a regulatory authority along with the licensing authority and reported under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs). All the banks, financial institutions, and exchange houses are required to submit reports as per the requirements of Central Bank of the UAE at regular intervals of its various segments of revenue and related expenses in the prescribed formats.

Professional Membership and Credentials

Two of the partners are full-time practicing member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and there are other members from ICAI working with the firm as Managers and Consultants supporting the practice.

One partner is a full-time member of the Certified Public Accountant from USA.

We document and demonstrate that our firm strictly complies with the professional ethics and quality control standards established by the ICAI as well as International Financial Reporting Standards and International Standards on Auditing and local laws, regulations and practices.

Our Credentials are:

  • Full time practicing members of the ICAI
  • Registered with all the Free Zones in United Arab Emirates
  • Approved auditors by the Banks in UAE, and
  • Approved by ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) to train articled clerk.