Business Advisory Services

Investors need efficient and up-to-date advice on the changing business environment and legislative amendments which may affect their organization structure and operations. Kaid Auditing Co is equipped with well trained, reliable experienced and specialists team for Company formation and corporate services, a investors and business interested in entering the Middle East Market can get the best guidance. Kaid Auditing Co. provides the following services.

Kaid Auditing Co. with its business advisory services in UAE propounds range of exquisite services assisting business clients in their snags and hitches some of which are as follows:

  • Goals and objectives can be achieved through a disciplined and systematic approach, encompassed in internal auditing services carried out by Kaid Auditing certified internal auditors, along with compliance auditing and improving the company’s operations through invaluable and feasible solutions. Advisory with supplementary assistance in risk methodologies for businesses are also provided.
  • Evaluation of the financial performance of the organization on grounds of available resources and objectives, and peer comparison carried out in the due diligence process by Kaid Auditing Co. experts will reveal the inadequacies of fascinated investment. Any discrepancies associated with IPR, insurance, product/ service, the performance of the management team will also come into the limelight.
  • Assessment and analysis of risks associated with the business with innovative and feasible solutions are rendered through the Enterprise Risk Assessment services propounded by Kaid Auditors. Parameters such as coordination between the teams, overall efficiency, hazards, and hindrances are thoroughly observed to make the client reach new heights.
  • Through exceptional SOP services offered by KAID, areas of ancillary revenues and blemishes of the current revenue stream of businesses can be recognized and modified. A sophisticated framework can be developed through inputs from organizational teams, for effortless functioning in adverse circumstances, published for the entire organization.
  • Assessment of businesses’ internal control structures with respective practical recommendations, compliance with regional regulations, laws, and operational procedures is carried out by KAID professionals. Unprejudiced advisory, investigation, and collection of evidence for legal purposes in event of any financial inconsistency are also carried out by forensic experts.


  1. Firm Incorporation, Amendments and Renewals
  2. Liquidation of companies
  3. Free Zones Incorporation and Renewals
  4. Drafting of commercial agreements
  5. Consultancy on Company Law matters
  6. Restructuring Advisory
  7. UAE Labor Law Advisory